Xpose Art Collective is a non-profit association founded in 2012. Functioning as an independent research and publishing practice in the field of contemporary art, the Collective takes particular interest in critical approaches and investigations with a social impact. The organisation promotes new ideas of unity, awareness, and responsibility to generate collaborative forums for cultural engagement and exchange. Designed to create extensive networks of multi-disciplinary practitioners and cultural agents from around the world, our projects develop forward-thinking platforms and editorial concepts that investigate the critical role of culture in shaping identities.

By encouraging the sharing of knowledge, we aim to provide alternative models for how to present, interpret, and preserve information. Specific interest in the intersections between art, architecture, science, technology, and social contexts has enabled close relations with specialists in various disciplines. Together with them, our projects seek to understand and redefine current socio-cultural dynamics, shaping alternative discussion forums that may provide concepts for aesthetic and political action. We engage projects focused primarily on film, video and digital art, documentary photography, as well as theoretical and speculative practices. While primarily a research and publishing practice, we also look to create documentary installations, architectural interventions, site-specific and socio-political projects.