Peripheral Histories

The book is an attempt to theorise and conceptualise the history of video art in Romania before and after 1989, a definitive and particular moment in the cultural history of media. Addressing a wide spectrum of issues related to media, politics, and the discoursive conditions of art, the book investigates the circumstances of the transition from a communist to a post-communist society, their impact on aesthetic expressions and the way they have shaped artistic imaginaries. In lack of a history of the medium of video in contemporary Romanian art and criticism, the book also reflects on the broader context of media in Central and East Europe. The challenge is to reveal how the negotiation of the past, the present, and the future has shaped particular aesthetic visions, blurring the lines between reality, transition, fiction, and subversion.

Peripheral Histories: edited by Sabin Borș
The book highlights the social, cultural, economic, political, and institutional context in which artists using video and media have developed their projects. It provides a brief theoretical and historical documentation open to exhibition programs and further editorial developments. The publication includes an extensive conceptual apparatus and analyses some of the most representative video and film-based artworks.

Media History (Documents Series)

23 x 15 cm
248 pages in b/w
650 copies
Not available in electronic format.